Plagiarism Policy

This Plagiarism Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the evaluation of submitted manuscripts to ensure the integrity and originality of the content. The primary tool for plagiarism detection will be Turnitin, a widely recognized plagiarism detection service.

Plagiarism Detection:

All manuscripts submitted to Journal of Public Health and Pharmacy will undergo a thorough plagiarism check using Turnitin. Turnitin compares the submitted text against a vast database of academic content, publications, and other written material to identify instances of plagiarism.

Authors' Responsibility:

Authors are responsible for ensuring the originality and authenticity of their submitted work. By submitting a manuscript to Journal of Public Health and Pharmacy, authors affirm that their work is entirely their own, and any contributions from other sources are appropriately cited.

Plagiarism Types:

Plagiarism can take various forms, including but not limited to:

1. Copying verbatim text from other sources without proper citation.
2. Paraphrasing without proper attribution.
3. Self-plagiarism, i.e., republishing one's own work without appropriate citation.
4. Using images, graphs, or other visual elements without permission or proper acknowledgment.

Plagiarism Policy Enforcement:

If plagiarism is detected in a submitted manuscript, the following steps will be taken:

1. The author will be notified of the plagiarism concern.
2. The manuscript may be rejected or returned to the author for revisions and proper citation.
3. In cases of severe or repeated plagiarism, the editorial board may decide to reject the manuscript outright and take further action, including notifying the author's institution.


Authors have the right to appeal a plagiarism decision by providing evidence to support their claim of originality. The editorial board will review the appeal and make a final decision.


Maintaining academic integrity is crucial for the credibility of scholarly publications. This Plagiarism Policy ensures that all submitted manuscripts are thoroughly examined for plagiarism, promoting a fair and transparent review process.

Journal of Public Health and Pharmacy reserves the right to update and modify this policy as needed. Authors are encouraged to review the policy regularly for any changes.