Editorial policies

Journal of Public Health and Pharmacy is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and transparency in the publication of scholarly work within the fields of public health and pharmacy. Manuscripts submitted to the journal undergo a rigorous peer review process conducted by experts in the relevant disciplines, ensuring the publication of scientifically sound and ethically conducted research. Authors are required to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Author Instructions section on the journal's website, including the submission of original works that have not been published elsewhere. The editorial team operates with complete independence, making decisions based solely on the scientific merit of the work without consideration of authors' personal attributes. We prioritize diversity and inclusivity, fostering a fair and unbiased review process. The journal is committed to open access publishing, promoting the widespread dissemination of knowledge, and authors retain copyright of their work. Ethical considerations are of utmost importance, and any deviations from ethical standards, including plagiarism and research misconduct, are strictly prohibited. The editorial board is actively involved in contributing to the journal's growth, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and ensuring the integrity of the publication process. We value transparency and accountability, providing a clear process for appeals, corrections, and addressing complaints. The Journal of Public Health and Pharmacy is dedicated to continuous improvement and adherence to evolving best practices in scholarly publishing, and these editorial policies are subject to periodic review and updates.