Peer Review Process

Some policies in the review of Media Publikasi Promosi Kesehatan Indonesia (MPPKI):

The peer review process at the Media Publikasi Promosi Kesehatan Indonesia (MPPKI) t is designed to ensure the quality and integrity of the scholarly work we publish. Upon submission, each article undergoes an initial review by at least one qualified reviewer. This process is conducted through a blind review, ensuring impartial evaluation.

Reviewers assess the submitted article for methodological rigor, clarity, and significance of the findings. They provide constructive feedback and recommendations for improvement. The acceptance of a submitted article is contingent upon the thorough evaluation and thoughtful suggestions of the reviewers.

To maintain a high standard of academic integrity, our journal employs Turnitin to screen for plagiarism within the submitted articles. This tool helps identify and address any instances of plagiarism, ensuring the originality and authenticity of the work.

Following the reviewers' feedback, the article goes through a concluding meeting of the Editorial Board. The Board makes the final decision on acceptance, revision, or rejection based on the reviewers' suggestions, alignment with the journal's scope, and overall quality. Accepted articles are then prepared for publication, upholding our commitment to disseminating valuable and original contributions to the fields of public health.