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Author Guidelines

The Journal of PROMOTIF accepts manuscripts in the form of a research report (Original article research paper) in the field of health promotion that has not been or is being processed for publication in other journals. The manuscript can use Bahasa Indonesia and English. Manuscript submitted in the form of MS Word file to OJS PROMOTIF.

The writing rules of the PROMOTIF Journal are as follows:

The manuscript is written on A4 (one column) paper, with margins of 2.5 cm per edges, Cambria font, 11 point font size and 1.5 spacing. maximum 15 pages in one article. Each page is numbered sequentially, starting from the title page to the last in the lower right corner.

Components of articles include Title of article, Author, Abstract (Indonesia and English), Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, suggestions, Acknowledgments, References and Appendices. Template / Format Writing can be downloaded here.

Titles are written in Indonesian and English for up to 12 words without a year. The title should be clear, compact and interesting.

Abstract writing contains a maximum of 200 Indonesian words and speak English using Cambria 11 point, space 1. Abstract contains: introduction (1-2 sentences), research purposes (1 sentence), materials and methods (3-5 sentences), results research (3-5 sentences), conclusion (1 sentence) made in 1 (one) paragraph.

Keywords: Minimum of 3 words up to 5 words (capital letters are only on the first keyword, separated by a comma and not terminated by a dot on the last keyword)

The introduction contains the urgency and background of research problems outlined with reversed pyramid methods ranging from global, national and local levels. Include references (relevant literature or research results) using the Vancouver superscript number in each sentence after the period (.) The number of pages in the introductory section is 1-1.5 pages written using Cambria 11 point (vertical) with space 1.5. Each paragraph begins with a word that jutted into 5 digits. The final part of the introduction should state the purpose of the study.

Materials and Methods describe the types of research, location and time of study, population and samples, sampling techniques, data collection techniques, data analysis, and data presentation. Research using tools and materials, need to write down the specifications of tools and materials used. Qualitative research such as case studies, phenomenology, ethnography, etc., need to add a description of checking the validity of the results of research. Writing using Cambria 11 point (upright) with space 1.5. Paragraphs begin with a word that jutted into 5 digits and should not use the writing organization into "sub-heading children" in this section. Shown in 1-2 paragraphs.

The Results section describes the characteristics of the research subject, univariate analysis, bivariate analysis and multivariate analysis (if any). In this section NOT ALLOWED inserting tables and images. Interpretation of research results are made in the form of narratives, tables and drawings are made separately in the appendix. Writing using Cambria 11 point (upright) with space 1.5. Paragraph begins with a word that jutted into 5 digits and should not use the writing organization into sub-headings for each variable.

The Discussion Section contains reasons that explain the results of other research and research that support and not in line with the results obtained research. NOT ALLOWED using the same phrases listed in the results section and NOT ALLOWED Reread the tables and graphs of the results of the analysis. However, results can be grouped to be interpreted and discussed based on previous research theories and results. Writing using Cambria 11 point (upright) with space 1.5. Paragraph begins with a word that jutted into 5 digits and should not use the writing organization into sub-headings for each variable.

Conclusions contain summaries of descriptions of results and discussions with reference to research objectives. The recommendations are based on the research findings that have been discussed. Suggestions may refer to practical actions, the development of new theories, and / or further research. Writing conclusions and suggestions using Cambria 11 point (upright) with space 1.5. Paragraph begins with a word that jutted into 5 digits and should not use bullets or numbers. Shown in 1 paragraph.

If necessary, thank you can be given to 1) the parties who provide financial support and support, 2) support from the section and institutions, 3) the professionals who contributed in the preparation of the report.

The bibliography is written in accordance with APA Style writing rules. All references used in the writing in the bibliography are numbered according to the appearance in the article, According to the alphabet. Only include the relevant and relevant literature. Referral sources of at least 80% of the literature published last 10 years. Referral sources include journals from articles at least 60% of the total bibliography. References used are primary sources of research articles in journals or research reports, books or related articles from official sources. Articles that have been published in the PROMOTIF journal are suggested to be used as referrals. In order to maintain consistency of referrals, citation and bibliography we suggest using standard reference applications such as Endnote, Mendeley, Zotero, RefWorks or Colwiz.


Copyright Notice

Every accepted manuscript should be accompanied by "Copyright Transfer Agreement" prior to the article publication.


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.