Call For Paper

We invite researchers, academics and practitioners to submit manuscripts of research results to the Omnibus Law Journal (OLJ) which published in Juni 2022. ILJ is an international journal dedicated to the publication of research results conducted by researchers, academics and practitioners in the fields of:

Criminal Law;

Constitutional Law;

Civil and Contract Law;

Human Rights Law;

Economics and Business Law;

International Law;

Religious and Sharia Law;

Customary Law;

Environmental Law;

Legal Education; and

Comparative Law

We also accept research manuscripts in Indonesian which will later be translated into English. The translation services will be charged to the authors according to the number of words contained in each research.

All publications in OLJ journals are open access which allows articles to be freely available online without any subscription and free of charge. Please click here to submit online.

Acceptance of manuscripts has started from now until Juni 10, 2022. We are waiting for manuscripts from you for quality publications.


Dr. Muliadi. SH.,MH/085299853005


Editor in Chief